For integration in machine tool with open PLC controls. Communication via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.


  • sensing to tool tip
  • absolut accuracy of 0.04 mm per 100 mm needle length
  • Absolutely leak proof (IP68) for demanding environment
  • needle length up to 660 mm
  • Sensor diameter only 43mm
  • Scanning direction right or left
  • PROFIBUS- or PROFINET- Communication


  • Keep control: The measuring result is transmitted and you evaluate the result in your PLC program
  • monitoring of multiple tools with different lengths with one system
  • Absolute rotary encoder
  • Positioning, speed, and torque controlled drive offers a soft contact at the tool
  • Save time by referencing your standard tool: Based on the excellent absolute accuracy it is possible to identify a standard tool. Only the standard tool has to be taught via a specific process of the tool monitoring system. All other data is calculated in the PLC based on mechanical calibration data and transmit to the system.


Housing aluminium, anodized
Protection class IP68
Protection connector plug IP67
Interference susceptibility meets EMV specifications
Probe length up to 665 mm
Scanning angle 15...360°, left and right hand turning
Smallest tool diameter approximately 0.3mm (.012”)
Operating temperature 0° to +50°C (32° to 122°F)
Maximum shaft loads radial 100N, axial 5N


Protection class IP20
Interference susceptibility meets EMV specifications
Mounting DIN rail
Supply voltage 24VDC (22-26VDC)/~12W
Storing temperature: 0° to +70°C (0° to 158°F)
Operating temperature 0° to +50°C (32° to 122°F)
Sensor plug 8 terminals green
Power plug 3 terminals green
PROFIBUS Plug 9-pol SUB-D socket (RS485)
  or RJ-45 PROFINET plug 100 Mbit/s Ports