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Maximum quality is an absolute must for effective industrial production. Middex-Electronic GmbH offers innovative solutions to support this goal. Due to the shortage of qualified personnel, automatic monitoring of machining processes is becoming increasingly crucial. This is especially important in 24/7 production to prevent defective workpieces. Professional customer service is imperative when processes do not function as they should. This is demonstrated in a recent practical example.

Customer: Ruetschi Technology GmbH

Tool breakage monitoring in a Swiss-type lathe

During the production process, it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of tool damage. If damage goes unnoticed, it leads to additional costs due to faulty parts, loss of time, and fluctuating quality. Unexpected interruptions during series production can cause additional stress for employees.

To prevent such issues from arising, Ruetschi Technology GmbH in Renquishausen relies on tool monitoring solutions from Middex Electronic.

Implementation in a multi-spindle turning machine

Linking of multiple tool monitoring systems

Multiple tool monitoring systems can now be linked together in one system. Often the digital I/O ports in multi-spindle turning machines are limited. In parallel especially these kind of machines produces metal products for which multiple tools should be monitored. To easily upgrade these kind of machines Middex offers the possibility to link up to 4 monitoring systems together with the so-called multi-tool extender: It concatenates the input and output lines and therefore reduces strongly the requirement for free digital I/O interfaces on PLC side. If one of the linked tool monitoring systems detects a broken tool the emergency stop of the machine is activated and further damage and related costs are prohibit.