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Process improvements with the Middex tool monitoring systems

Opel Werk Wien
Opel Werk Wien
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Tool monitoring with short test cycles

It has to be easy. Tactile systems to monitor tools for drilling, reaming, milling and thread-cutting are one of the most easy, most save and cheapest solutions. Existing user of our WK2 system appreciate the user-friendly principle and the excellent functionality. The sensitive palpation is performed via the so called sensor, sometimes also called scanner or probe: an electronical motor rotates a needle with 1.2 mm diameter and 160 mm length. If the needle gets in contact with the tool the position is taught. During production process the taught position is checked. If the tool exists at the tested position further process steps are released. If the tool is broken, the sensing needle oversteps the taught position reports the error to the PLC which usually results in an emergency stop. After exchange of the broken tool the production process can be proceeded without additional fault.

Multiple advantages of Middex tool monitoring systems

Uncomplicated mechanical integration combined with a self-explaining interface to machine PLC are building the basis for an easy upgrade of your existing machining center: The probe is embedded in a threaded sleeve with 22 mm diameter so that it can be rotated in any angle and fixed with two screw nuts. Low-maintenance technology: The coated sleeve is resistant to coolant and metal cuttings. The coolant in machining centers are often build on proprietary ingredients and include partially water, oil and ethanol. Depending on the process time it is enriched with metal cuttings. To ensure a reliable function of up to 10 Mio test cycles under this conditions the probe is sealed in three layers which results in IP68 class. Deep knowledge within the last 4 decades have realized tool monitoring capabilities with tool diameters of 0.1mm –  Middex also cares for your most sensible tools.

Mehrspindelmaschine Werzeugüberwachung

Linking of multiple tool monitoring systems

Implementation in a multi-spindle turning machine

Multiple tool monitoring systems can now be linked together in one system. Often the digital I/O ports in multi-spindle turning machines are limited. In parallel especially these kind of machines produces metal products for which multiple tools should be monitored. To easily upgrade these kind of machines Middex offers the possibility to link up to 4 monitoring systems together with the so-called multi-tool extender: It concatenates the input and output lines and therefore reduces strongly the requirement for free digital I/O interfaces on PLC side. If one of the linked tool monitoring systems detects a broken tool the emergency stop of the machine is activated and further damage and related costs are prohibit.